About Us

We currently grow over 2,500 Paphiopedilums from flask to blooming size plants. It has been our great joy to use coconut husk mixes and see improved roots, blooms and vigorous new growths. For many years we used bark mixes with limited success. The best results were always achieved with repotting every six months, often just as a plant came into bud or bloom. Going beyond six months in bark meant certain root loss. Now, our plants can grow undisturbed for at least two years or longer. Root growth has been excellent with new root tips evident near drainage holes in the pots and throughout the mix. We also use reverse osmosis water exclusively and believe water quality is paramount to getting that extra edge from our plants. Currently, we grow Paphs. with both plain green foliage and mottled foliage, masdevallias and numerous species.

Mountain View orchids is owned and operated by Adam Jones. Adam began growing orchids in 1975, with the purchase of a ladyslipper, Paph. Maudiae ‘Magnificum’. Having grown up in a family of gardeners, Adam has always loved plants. Upon seeing the beautiful green ladyslipper in bloom, he purchased it and the love affair with orchids began. On October 10, 1991, the single bloom ladyslipper had grown from a four-inch pot to a ten-inch pot and received the coveted Cultural Certificate of Merit from the American Orchid Society. When awarded, the plant had fifteen flowers and three buds. It was Adam’s first AOS award and his passion for exhibiting orchids was intensified. From that one plant, Adam now grows over two thousand orchids of various varieties. His concentration is on the Paphiopedilums and miniatures. He has grown orchids on the windowsill, in a variety of greenhouses, and under high intensity lights in his basement.

Moving forward, Adams plans are to continue his breeding program with concentration on the white and red Paphs. and Phragmipedium besseae. In addition, he plans to propagate the many species he grows to make them available for future generations. The greenhouse is open each Saturday from 10am – 5pm. During the week, the greenhouse is open by appointment only. Adam is available for workshops and he loves to talk about the care and feeding of his beloved ladyslippers, masdevallias, and many other orchid related topics.