Awarded Plants

Masdevallia Copperwing ‘Alexander Grant’ (Masd. veitchiana x Masd. decumana) AM/AOS 80 pts.

Place awarded – Atlanta, Ga on February 8, 2003. The judges’ comments were “Six exceptionally large flowers and one bud on seven lateral inflorescences up to 19 cm long; dorsal sepal is dull orange with moderate small blood red spots basally; lateral sepals bright orange with numerous small blood red spots, finely hirsute, producing veining effect; caudae bright orange; minute lip dull red; substance heavy; texture velvety”.

Masdevallia Dean Haas ‘Kurt’s First’ (Masd. Copper Angel x Masd. Angel Glow) AM/AOS 82 pts.

Place awarded – Atlanta, Ga on March 8, 2003. The judges comments were “Two vibrant flowers on two inflorescences; sepals deep reddish orange with wine red minute spots and striations; caudae deep wine red; petals white flushed lavendar; lip violet, substance firm, texture sparkling.”

Paph. Raisin Wine ‘Sweet Pea’ (Paph. Raisin Pie x Paph. Voodoo Magic) AM/AOS 80 pts.

Place awarded – Homestead, FL on 10/18/02. The judges’ comments were “One full-formed flower on one inflorescence; sepals creamy white with dark burgundy stripes; petals pale chartreuse basaly with chartreuse stripes sufussed burgundy apically and creamy white at the tips, ciliate; pouch burgundy with deeper burgundy venation; staminode creamy white with bright green venation; substance firm; texture sparkling.”

Paph. Maudiae ‘Magnificum’ (Paph. callosum x Paph. lawrenceanum) CCM/AOS 83 pts.

Place awarded – Columbia, SC on October 4, 1991. This is a division of our awarded Maudiae ‘Magnificum’. The judges’ comments were “Fifteen flowers and three buds on 18 inflorescences borne on a prolifically grown plant with extraordinarily clean foliage, filling a 25 cm (10 inch) clay pot; dorsal sepal white, veined crisp lettuce green; petals nile green with darker green stripes and warts marginally; pouch lettuce green wth darker venation; substance fleshy; texture matte.”

Paph. Magic Flame ‘Maroon Lacquer’ (Paph. Fremont Peak x Paph. Gloriosum) HCC/AOS 76 pts.

Place awarded – Atlanta, GA on April 8, 1995. The judges’ comments were “Two balanced, relatively flat flowers on two 34-cm, erect inflorescences; tips of dorsal sepal and petals slightly pinched; dorsal sepal maroon with darker maroon stripes; synsepal rose-pink with maroon stripes; petals citron on upper half, rose-pink on lower half, densely spoted dark maroon, hirsute marginally; pouch dark maroon; staminode maroon; column citron; substance firm; texture satiny.” Photo currently unavailable.

Paph. (Name Pending) ‘Barry Drake’ (Paph. Pulsar ‘Nebula’ x Cocoa Cherry ‘Super’) AM/AOS 82 pts.

Place awarded – Atlanta, GA on January 10, 2004. The judges’ comments were “One flat, well presented flower on one 33-cm inflorescence;dorsal sepal wine red with raised dark burgundy veins; abreviated synsepal dark burgundy; petals burgundy, slighty lighter centrally with white tips apically, and small pale green patch basally, petals hirsute with several black warts; lip dark burgundy; column green, staminode cream flushed burgundy; substance firm; texture sepal and petals lacquered, lip matte.”

Phrag. Sergeant Eric ‘Bessie Studier’ (Phrag. Eric Young x Phrag. Sargentianum) HCC/AOS 78 pts.

Place awarded – Atlanta, GA on January 10, 2004. The judges comments were “One flower and one bud on one erect 68cm. inflorescence; dorsal sepal mimosa yellow flushed with coral red with darker veins; petals mimosa yellow overlaid with dark coral red on distal two-thirds, dark reddish brown hairs concentrated basally; synsepal mimosa yellow with coral red veining, darker on edges; pouch mimosa yellow interior – spotted coral red, exterior coral red with slightly darker veins; staminode mimosa yellow overlaid with fine coral red hairs and dark reddish-brown hairs on upper edge; substance medium, texture matte.”