How tree trimming improves tree health

For this article, we want to talk about how tree trimming improves overall tree health. Healthy trees not only last longer, but make your property even more beautiful.

As property owners, we benefit from ensuring our trees are up to date on their trimmings as it adds to a clean landscape and helps pave the way for a hazard free yard. Trees benefit in many ways as well, and in almost every case, a trimmed tree is a healthy tree.

Whether you plan on doing it yourself or hiring a professional tree trimming service, it is important to know some of the ways that trimming a tree can help improve its overall health. Here are a few occasions where a tree will most benefit from receiving a trim:

  • After a storm
  • During an insect infestation
  • Damaged or dead limbs and branches
  • Overgrowth

Storm Damage

While Mother Nature is most well known for her natural beauty, she’s also known for causing mass damage through her many storms and other weather phenomenon. Weather occurrences vary depending on what area you look at in the U.S. Some examples include how areas along the east coast are most exposed to suffering hurricanes, while the west coast deals with earthquakes and the Midwest has devastating tornadoes. All of these natural incidents can cause severe damage to trees.

If there are any branches or limbs that appear to be damaged or unsteady following a natural disaster, it is best to trim the tree. Tree Service Jefferson County is a tree removal company we’ve used in the past, and we can attest to them doing GREAT tree removal and tree trimming work.

If those branches decide to give out, any nearby structures such as houses, vehicles, garages, sheds, boats, buildings, motorcycles, farming equipment, lawn mowers, trailers, buildings, mobile homes and more could suffer some pretty serious damage that will be expensive to fix. Also, helping the tree by removing damaged wood can protect it from further rot and insect infestations, which will only cause the tree to become sickly.


If a tree is infested with insects, it’s a sure bet that a tree trimming should be in order to improve the health of the tree. If an issue such as this is not dealt with immediately before it worsens, it will cause the tree to slowly rot until it falls.

The rotting process occurs because, due to the insects that have infested the tree, the tree is forced to resort its resources to fighting off pests and the diseases they have caused. When dead branches that have fallen around the tree are not picked up, they will help speed up the rotting process as they damage the root system of the tree.

Dead Wood

Dead branches and limbs on a tree are a noticeable eye sore and a certain indication that the tree is rotting. Luckily, if the rotting is not beyond repair, your tree can be saved by some extensive trimming. Branches that are dead in the crown of a tree only push healthy branches out of the way, making it all of the more difficult for the tree to send its nutrients to the areas that need it most and will most benefit. Dead wood also attracts a whole new problem for the tree: the invasion of insects.


When a healthy tree grows and grows, it’s never a bad idea to help keep it “in shape”, similar to how we head to a barber shop when our hair becomes too long for our liking. This is especially true when there seems to be a few branches heading over the fence to your neighbor’s yard. Trimming it up can be beneficial to the tree, clearing the way for more exposure to sunlight and air circulation.

Tree trimming is essential for property owners that wish to prolong the lifespan of their trees. As trees seem to be the main focus of a landscape and provide our oxygen, keeping them healthy is a gift that will keep on giving in many, many forms.