How to do Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics refers to the process of growing edible plants in a rich solution instead of soil. While it takes a lot of water, you can set up a small hydroponic garden in almost any home with access to light. 


Setting up a hyrdoponic garden doesn’t take a great deal of space. In fact, if you go vertical you can set up a drip garden that can fit in a window. If you choose this option, take care to mount the brackets that will hold your garden securely, tapping into the structural studs around the window. 

Hydroponics works in small spaces, but the nutrient rich liquid that keeps your plants growing will be heavy. Your build needs to be sturdy enough to tolerate this weight.


You will need some supplies to get your hyrdoponic garden going. Unless you’re going to be there to add water to your system on a strict schedule you’ll need a timer to make sure the plants have access to nutrients. 

In addition to the timer, you’ll need

  • bins for the growing solution
  • water lines to route the growing solution
  • a pump to move the water
  • cups in which to nest the plants, and
  • a light source

Use What You Have

You can purchase a window-mounted system for your garden, or you can use readily available items and re-purpose them into something wonderful!

The Water Has To Move

Hydroponics relies on moving water. Because this solution is so nutrient rich, it may grow things you don’t want, such as mold. Keeping the water moving steadily is the best way to avoid this. 

What to Grow?

Beginning hydroponics often start with an herb garden. Fresh herbs smell wonderful and will add excitement to your cooking. Additionally, these plants tend to be low-growing. 

Because plants grown in water don’t get the chance to develop deep, sturdy root systems, it’s best if you harvest early and often. If a plant gets too tall, it may topple out of your garden under its own weight. 

Final Thoughts

A quality hydroponics set up takes a lot of thought, a little investment and a few plants. You can enjoy fresh herbs, leaf lettuce and even tomatoes from your garden! Jump to top