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Rid Your Vents of Pollen By Hiring An Air Duct Cleaning Company


People who are prone to allergy attacks understand that pollen is something they should avoid. Pollen has a tendency to accumulate in air duct vents, and when left alone can cause big problems. In this article, we talk about the importance of getting clean air vents by hiring an air duct cleaning company like St. Louis Duct Cleaning Pros (

Keeping Your Home Free From Pollen:

  • Look Into The Forecast for Pollen: You can check these in the weather channel allergy tracker. This way you can check what kind of pollen is high, and you can prepare yourself from them early on.If you were out on a particularly highly pollinated day, it would be smart to leave your shoes and showering immediately after you get home.
  • Keep Your Windows Closed: You might think that this will lessen your air circulation, but because you have air vents, you can be sure that your circulation will be just fine. Keeping your windows closed will ensure that nothing can come inside and cause any harmful reactions.
  • Invest in an HVAC System: This would work better with a HEPA filter, that way you can make sure that the pollen is filtered out while clean air circulates in your home. It’s easy to assume that your HVAC system is what is circulating pollen around your home, but with the right filter, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about your allergies.
  • Always Replace Your HEPA Filters: Of course, you can assume that your filters will also accumulate dust, pollen, and other allergens that may cause reactions; which is why it is important to replace your filters regularly, even before they are completely filled. This will prevent you from having an allergic reaction when you have to replace the filter.
  • Try Out Humidifiers in the Warmer Season: This will ensure that your home will not grow mold. Moisture from the environment makes it easy for mold to grow quickly, which is why it’s good to keep them around when the seasons get a little warmer.
  • Hire a Professional Cleaning Company: If you yourself are prone to allergy attacks caused by pollen, then you may want to invest in a cleaning company that can handle all the dirty work for you. Of course, it may cost a bit but it’s better than risking getting an allergy attack. Aside from that, they’ll know what to do and how to do it to make sure that your pollen accumulation doesn’t happen so quickly.
  • Specify Your Needs: Should you go for a cleaning company, it’s always good to let them know what you need done. This way, they can adjust their services to fit your satisfaction without compromising the quality of their work.
  • Try to Reduce Your Clutter: Sometimes, dust and pollen can stick to things that are left laying around your house. Try to reduce the things that tend to gather dust so you can avoid having allergies from their accumulation.

Key Takeaways:

If you are a homeowner that has allergies to dust and pollen, then it would be good to invest in an air duct cleaning company. We understand the struggle, which is why we wrote about the importance of getting clean air vents by hiring a cleaning company.